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charlie choo and the terrible brew - children's book

Charlie Choo & the Terrible Brew

(A tale of integrity)

"Embrace your inner light and let it guide your way. Just don't allow the ones who don't to turn that bright light grey." 

Charlie is a boy who loves to learn and he can't wait to start school to do just that. But his teacher, Mrs. Hyde, doesn't find learning very fun and gives all of the 'bad children' a magic potion that turns them grey and lifeless. 

Can Charlie find a way to save his friends from the terrible brew and help Mrs. Hyde find her color again? Find out in Charlie Choo and the Terrible Brew!

From the Book

Viridiana Gupta

"Written as a poem, it has a nice message for kids all ages.
Definitely a very important subject to discuss with your little ones in an extremely pleasant and easy way."

Tabitha Jones

"Such a beautiful book! It made me cry and remember what truly matters in life. I highly recommend this book!"

Jonas Albernathe

"What gorgeous illustrations and incredible message! My daughter chooses this book every night with no disagreement from me."

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