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bethany blair and the bugs in her hair - children's book

Bethany Blair and the Bugs in her Hair

(A tale of kindness)

"So Bethany learned that to be on your own did not mean you had to feel all alone."

Bethany Blair is a unusually kind little girl who makes friends with the bugs in her hair. But her classmates are not so thrilled about her creepy, little hair guests and begin to bully Bethany. 

See how Bethany can remain kind even when the world isn't kind to her. 

From the Book

Lissa Parker

"I have read this book 37 times to my child and I still think it's a cute book."

Hannah Smith

"My class and I loved this book! The author even came to our class to read it. It has a great message and the rhyme is lovely to listen to!"

Fran Tonita

"A beautiful book and well written of compassion and kindness."

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