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Written & Illustrated by Ariadne AppleTree

A story is a magic land where only you can go.

For nothing comes alive unless your mind can make it grow.

The world you see is yours alone and teaches many things.

Like how to beat a dragon or how to use your wings.

And while you might be scared of the monsters deep inside

you'll always find a friend or two to offer you a guide. 

So when a story calls your name I suggest you have a look.

There are secrets that are waiting there in every single book.


Author/Illustrator of the

Spiral Fairy Tales Series

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I am the writer and illustrator of these books. There is nothing that brings me greater joy than when I am creating a book. Each book is an opportunity to distill something important that I have learned through my own experience into a fun and endearing book that the whole family can enjoy. I don't just create for kids...I create for the adults who read to them too. 


From my heart to yours...I hope you enjoy the stories that continue to spark life into my soul :)

xo Ariadne

Ariadne Appletree
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