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the boy who refused to lie - children's book

The Boy Who Refused to Lie

(A tale of Honesty)

"The truth, like a lie, begins as a seed.

But one is a flower and the other a weed."

 Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is tell the truth. Especially when that truth might make someone look foolish. 

When the fearsome king looks into the wrong side of his hand mirror he mistakenly thinks that his head is missing. Fearing that they might embarrass the king with the truth, the villagers uphold the lie and it spreads darkness across the kingdom. 

Then a boy from lands afar arrives to speak the truth to the king...but he has to get through the villagers first who have no intention of letting the truth fly free.

From the Book

CJ Oliver

"This book is lovely. I have read it with my grandson a number of times now and we both enjoy it."

Jack Dempkin

"A funny yet touching story about how important honesty is in a time where everyone is afraid to speak the truth."

Amy Waller

"My kids love the bright and hilarious illustrations. I love the message!"

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