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luna lee and the last magic tree

Luna Lee & the Last Magic Tree

(A tale of faith)

"There's magic that's inside of you that no one else can see. But, when you're brave and trust your heart, that magic gets set free."

Magic is a distant memory and the fairies have forgotten how to fly. All the magic that remains lies hidden in an old tree that only one, little fairy, named Luna Lee, can sense. 

Can she learn to trust her inner voice and have faith in the magic she knows to be real in time to save the tree and the rest of the fairies?

Find out in this adventure to the inner self and the magic within!

From the Book

Rick Boekestyn

"Wonderful, colourful and imaginative. These books become better and better with each new release. Looking forward to number 5."

Angela Potter

"This is my granddaughter's favourite book. She reads it every night with her mom."

Simone Jewett

"Beautiful book full of vibrant colors and an inspiring message."

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